Monday, June 04, 2007

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Coming Into June

Life is definitely not nearly as crazy as it was last summer, or even as crazy as it was this past school year. Teaching two dozen students, working at the music department almost every day, and finishing up settling in the house are keeping me occupied, but there has been some time to practice (not as much as I'd like), cook, have coffee with friends, begin catching up on emails/phone calls to friends far away, and so forth. I REALLY miss Mozart-Man, though; his absence is beginning to wear on me sadly. Talking to him every night helps, along with letters weekly... I'm very glad that he's planning on a visit over the 4th of July.

My great friend Simon from Idaho is coming to see me in two weeks, also, so that is exciting. I've known him since he was five years old; now he's seventeen and one of the most awesome people in my world. I'm going to drag him around to sight-see all the cool attractions like the Arch, the city museum, Forest Park and its free museums, Lone Elk Park, the old Union Station, and Central West End. Hopefully we'll get some time to just chill so I can listen to him play guitar for a while.

I was selected to be a peer counselor for a fine arts camp, so I'll be doing that soon, and I'm going to be teaching at a guitar camp in a month too. I played a bunch of gigs recently. Plus, I started singing in the church choir, which is very enjoyable; somehow I feel like I can worship God better when I use the love for music that He gave me for His glory. It's kind of a strange's not like I can't worship Him without using music, but it just flows so much more naturally that way. Am I sounding strange?

Anyways, time to go do dishes before bedtime. If you are reading this and I haven't returned/answered your email/letter/phone call, I promise I will get to it soon. I love you all!


R said...

Good to know things are well...