Life Goals

~ Successfully juggle clubs.

~ Publish a book.

~ Have lots of children.

~ Enjoy eating a cake baked by Nick.

~ Read a book by Dostoevsky.

~ Visit the Redwoods.

~ Meet Andrew York.

~ Eat at a five-star restaurant.

~ Go to Ireland.

~ Learn how to knit cables.

~ Participate in a flashmob.

~ Travel to 48 of the 50 States*.

~ Visit Mark Twain's home town.

~ Own chickens.

Find five hundred letterboxes

~ Play with a band

~ Write a novel during NaNoWriMo.

~ See my poetry in print somewhere

~ Test knit a brand new pattern

~ Learn how to can food

~ Memorize Romans 8

~ Travel back to Bad Nauheim, Germany

~ Record a solo CD

Fourteen past goals down previously!

Working on the rest : )

*I don't have any desire to visit Hawaii or Alaska, because I really dislike flying over bodies of water. Driving or flying over land to visit the states is fine. Plus, I'd rather save my flying time for Ireland, ya know?


Alice said...

I love your goals! Let me know when you have Romans 8 memorized...I only know bits and pieces but what a powerful sword and shield that would be to have it all.