Monday, July 09, 2012

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Harmony: the First Three Weeks

After having you, my constant tiny friend, with me always 
for nine months, traveling 
along/inside as I sang, cooked, slept, wondered,
I thought I would feel strangely empty
now that you have taken this first step
towards independence.
Yet the expected sensation of loneliness will never come,
I realized with relief,
because there is too much love
filling my heart for you,
too much of your personality to discover,
every day a new adventure 
as you teach us Who You Are.

You held your head up
on your own strength the very first hour after birth;
now your neck grows stronger all the time.
You try to coordinate those arms and legs,
rolling over onto your side,
and we already worry about baby-proofing the apartment.
Patience is one of your virtues;
you wait calmly to be fed,
rarely crying 
even as we fumble to figure out the language
of your needs.
Bath time has been lovely so far.
You coo happily when we gently pour warm water
over your tummy.
Polka dots are a fascination.
So are patterns of flowers, stripes, and stars.
You will stare and stare 
at the world around, all curious eyes
and exploring mind.

What makes you laugh and smile
while you dream?
We can't wait to see that grin someday
when you are awake.



Janette said...

Harmony will treasure these writings some day. You have a gift, sweetie! And look how time flies - she's already smiling a ton and interacting with all of us!