Monday, August 19, 2013

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Making, Doing, and Planning

Thriller! (photo by Dan K. on Jenn M.'s camera)


Beginnings of the third Baby Surprise Jacket! These colors are gorgeous.

Very excited to dive into L'Engle's ponderings.

Seriously, go rent this movie now. Or buy it. You won't regret it!

All ready for cold weather!

Waltzing with the Bug and a gentleman! (picture by Christina R.-G.)

She was shy.

Practicing:: the Thriller dance for our flashmob group. Only a few weeks until our first performance!

Wishing:: that the dishes forever piling up in the kitchen sink would wash themselves instead of seeming to multiply whenever I walk by...

Beginning:: a third Baby Surprise jacket for Harmony. The yarn was a thoughtful gift from my sister for my birthday. Harmony's springtime jacket still fits her, but barely, so this new yarn came at a perfect time!

Reading:: Madeleine L'Engle's "The Irrational Season", book three of The Crosswicks Journals. I fell in love with the first book, "A Circle of Quiet", so I'm prepared to enjoy this one too!

Loving:: Chris's birthday gift for me: The Secret World of Arrietty!!! I am in love with the soundtrack. You should definitely drop everything and go watch this amazing Miyazaki movie. If you liked "Brave", then you'll adore Arrietty even more!

Finishing:: a pair of hand warmers for myself. I was test-knitting a new-to-me pattern, because I'd rather wear the finished product with uneven thumb holes than foist them off to somebody else! Now that I know how to knit them correctly, I'm sure one or two more pairs will be knitted for Christmas gifts eventually.

Remembering:: how to do English Country dancing, since we hadn't danced this style for several years until last Monday night. Then I participated in a surprise flashdance in a local park this weekend. Super fun! Harmony very much enjoyed the waltz for three ; )

Observing:: this little lady who has been visiting the woods behind our apartment building. 

Planning:: how to use our precious few days off work together! We're hoping to camp in a state park at least one of those nights. I haven't been camping in years, but we would love to get away for Harmony's first time camping! Now we just have to figure out how to set up this borrowed tent. Pictures (hopefully) to come later!

Hearing:: the amazing music of the Green Children's brand new CD... over and over and over! A sweet birthday gift from a navy friend who thoughtfully pre-ordered the CD so that it would come autographed by the band. Eeeeeek!!!

Singing:: the Itsy-Bitsy Spider all day long because somebody adorable is learning how to do the hand signals.

Watching:: past seasons of Project Runway. My sister got me into it because she loves fashion and design. What can I say, it's an addicting show. I can't JUST watch t.v. though, because I get too restless, so t.v. time has now become knitting or drawing time as well.

Anticipating:: studying the book of Romans with a lovely group of women, the return of my ensemble group, the season of autumn, more music-related opportunities, and more!

Since we'll be out and about in nature for the next few days, I won't be posting the Wednesday Wanderings this week. See you on Friday for This Moment!



mountain girl said...

I think that movie is up for our next movie night. After seeing this post, I read the reviews and it looks great!

Lyssa said...

It is truly a beautiful story! I absolutely love how authentically real Arrietty is. Plus, if you want to find out what happens AFTER the movie ends, you can always read the rest of the Borrowers stories ; )

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun, minus the dishes. I have that myself.

Enjoy your nature time!

becoming claudine said...

It looks like such wonderful things are happening...except the dishes, but those help us all feel good that we are in the same dishes-piling-up-boat!

Happy week to you!