Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Wednesday Wanderings

How about an Irish version of the "cups" song to start out your day? It sounds SO beautiful in Gaelic!

Save this article, because it has 101 ideas to add more creativity to your life! Perfect to get a fresh start when you're feeling like you are drained of creative thought. I've started the knitted hexagon quilt : )

Okay, I admit it, my go-to television show when it's late at night and I want to nom on ice cream is either something with Gordon Ramsey or Pawn Stars. You may now laugh at me! But I was so pleased with the way Rick Harris from Pawn Stars responded to this letter from a young boy with autism.

I feel like it's rare that I post a religious article, but this one was very important to me. After reading Romans chapter 14 in the women's study I attend, I am rejoicing that there is more freedom for diversity in the church, and this article elaborates on that. The next time you want to say "the Bible DEFINITELY says this", instead ask yourself, "is this MY interpretation of the Bible?" instead. Please read!

There are a ton of awesome articles here, including one that I love called 7 lessons for creatives from the life of J.R.R. Tolkien.

One artist asks herself, "What would Fugazi do?"whenever she is faced with a tough decision regarding her creative work. Check out how the example of a hard-core band is helping this author maintain her integrity!

Now that spring is here, the fresh fruits and vegetables are coming back, and farmer's markets are sooo close to starting again in our area! Here's why you should resist buying a peach in January.

If you followed Anton Checkov's list of eight things that cultured people do, that would be awesome. I am trying to weed out the "false diamonds" from my life, but it can be tricky sometimes.

The fat lady is still singing! Here are the reasons why classical music isn't dead yet!

Oh man... I would LOVE this knitted shawl which portrays the night sky with 350 stars as seen from the north pole! If you have the guts to knit it, here's the actual pattern.