Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Merry Christmas!

Christmas break is here! Despite the crazy schedule of the final week before the holiday break, life didn't feel out of control (although the piles of dirty dishes in my sink were definitely overflowing). Around here we were enjoying the season, so here are some pictures of our escapades that I've been taking on Instagram. I'll be writing a blog post very soon with details about New Year's "intentions"!

My sister and I immortalized in an ornament :-)

The chocolate buckeye candies I made for all my guitar students.

Harmony and I continued to do activities together. She is a ball of energy, obsessed with ponies, always insisting on music and dancing constantly, and fighting any efforts for us to get her to sleep. A typical toddler!

Playing with an alphabet puzzle and her ponies.

Happy half-birthday! Two and a half on the 19th.

She simply loves flowers.

Learning to match socks while we fold laundry.

An amazing shapes game I picked up at the thrift store.

Remembering Sandy Hook, ringing our bell twenty-six times.

Most of my time out of the house was taken up with performances and music-related events. Instead of six performances in one weekend, I ended up having seven! They all turned out beautifully. December is truly the most busy time for musicians!

The carol sing we held at our home.

Performing at the children's hospital.

Performing at a choral concert.

Rehearsing with my musical family.

Playing at coffee shops with two of my students.

Oh yeah, and I found a cello in someone's trash by the curbside while driving through our neighborhood. No, it doesn't currently play, but how could I leave a cello in the trash?! At some point I think I'll get it appraised for how much it would cost to make it playable again. It doesn't have to look great, it just needs to sound okay.

She still has soul!

Through the busyness, I tried to savor the little beautiful moments that make life worthwhile.

My mantra for this season has been "breathe deep, seek peace, and enjoy the little things"!

She makes me smile.
Having a holiday from teaching means I wear purple pants and star socks.

Nothing better than a morning cuddle with my love.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and may you have a beautiful holiday with your loved ones!