Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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How I'm Reading in 2015

Last year I wanted to read at least one book a week. The titles were documented on another page of my blog. I forgot to write down ANY books I read from about the end of November through December, so although I know I didn't quite get to fifty-two books, I do know that I read a few that didn't get documented because I was so busy, so I probably got close to my goal!

This year I want to read all the books in my home that I haven't read yet. This includes books that were gifts, books that I started but never finished, books that are being lent to me, and books that I bought for myself but never got around to reading yet. There's nothing necessarily wrong with any of these books, and there's a nice variety of genre; they just haven't made it into my queue, until now!

I collected all the books in my house that fit my qualification. I'm sure more will join this stack after I hit the annual spring book sale that happens in St. Louis every year. Heh. Here's the list so far!

1. Civil Disobedience and Other Essays ~ Thoreau

2. The Turn of the Screw ~ James

3. The Four Loves ~ C.S. Lewis

4. Candide ~ Voltaire

5. The Bullfighter Checks Her Make-up ~ Susan Orlean

6. The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work ~ John Gottman

7. Gilead ~ Marilynne Robinson

8. Culture Making ~ Crouch

9. The Arabian Nights

10. The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

11. Flower Fables ~ Louisa May Alcott

12. Ella Minnow Pea ~ Mark Dunn

13. My Bondage and My Freedom ~ Frederick Douglass

14. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ~ James Joyce

15. Middlemarch (two volumes) ~ Eliot

16. O Pioneers! ~ Willa Cather

17. Forever Music ~ Edith Schaeffer

18. Questioning Evangelism ~ Newman

19. Narcissus and Goldmund ~ Hermann Hesse

20. Silent Spring ~ Rachel Carson

21. Effortless Mastery ~ Kenny Werner

22. 1-2-3 Magic, Effective Discipline for Children 2-12

23. Jayber Crow ~ Wendell Berry

24. The Goldfinch ~ Donna Tartt

25. Only You Can Save Mankind ~ Terry Pratchett

26. The Magician's Book: a Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia ~ Laura Miller

27. L'Abri ~ Edith Schaeffer

28. The Stories: A Journey through Time ~ with W.C. Light

29. Pudd'nhead Wilson ~ Mark Twain

That's only about three books a month. Should be do-able! I read the Pratchett novel yesterday, which was fast and easy. I liked the characters and the descriptions, and the plot was interesting, but I didn't like the style Pratchett wrote in. Sorry, Pratchett fans! It wasn't a bad book, though :-)

I'll be marking off each book as I read it and giving it a rating over on my book page!

What are you reading lately? Got any great recommendations? Do you keep a list of books to read?


Michelle said...

I keep a list of books to read, too. It's currently going on two pages long! In the past 2 weeks I've been enjoying The Life You Were Born to Live as it was strongly recommended by a friend.

Lyssa said...

Very cool, @Michelle! I'll have to read it! Thanks for stopping by :-)