Monday, April 27, 2015

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You Know Your Family is Full of Musicians When....

Your toddler's favorite book is "The Noisy Orchestra" complete with buttons that sound all the different sections of the orchestra, and she had already been to a real concert before she turned one.

When someone comes home from work exhausted/frustrated/pent up, they sit down to an instrument to play music, and everyone gives them about half an hour's  space to calm down.

Three different people are listening to three different kinds of music in the house at the same time, and you have to tell your toddler that she can't have the volume on her music turned up super loud because then nobody else will be able to hear their music.

When you think of warm summer nights, your first thought is, "outdoor concerts and singing on our front lawn". 

Even though your mom jokes that she is the only person in the family who doesn't play any musical instrument except the radio, she knows way more about music than most non-musicians, after years of sitting through music lessons and having music played constantly around her.

When you start singing, another family member will either sing along with you or try to make you laugh by singing in a silly way.

There is an instrument, and often multiple instruments, in every room of the house except for the kitchen and bathroom. This doesn't mean that instruments have not been used in the kitchen or bathroom, just that there are none permanently stored there ;-)

When somebody starts singing or playing a song, somebody else will shout, " that's not the right key/lyrics/melody/rhythm! It goes like this..."

Your toddler gets used to sitting through music rehearsals and actually likes the experience.

Your toddler also likes to actively participate during rehearsals, occasionally needing you as the parent to whisper "not so loud, honey" when she begins belting at the top of her lungs during a soft passage.

Your toddler knows conductor's cues better than some high school music students you teach.

You play "guess that composer" with the classical radio station on in the car.

Everyone's music tastes are so widely varied that you have a complex system in place for car trips so that everyone gets a chance to listen to music they like at different times on the radio.

All road trips require at least one Handel's Messiah sing-along (or a musical theater production sing-along, or an opera sing-along, etc.). Those who don't remember all the words simply hum until they get back to the parts they still know.

One of the first things you do to start your day is turn music on in your home.

When you have a date night, both you and your husband automatically think, "where would there be some good live music to see..."

There are some movies you won't watch because you don't like the soundtrack or the composer of the soundtrack.

There are some soundtracks of movies you own even though you hate the actual movie.

Your child likes more of your (the parent's) music rather than the kid's music designed for her age.

The answer "I just don't like it" is never acceptable when discussing music preferences in your family. Further detailed musical analysis, philosophy behind lyrics, and theory structure knowledge is involved when judging musical choices.

Every day your lives, collectively and individually, involve music! 



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aww so cute! love this post x

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Oh my goodness, never has a blog post made me wanna pick up my guitar more. ♥ Your family sounds so sweet, Lyssa!

Anonymous said...

Well done. I am not musical. I play CDs because I find most radio announcers to be irritating.