Monday, July 01, 2013

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Making and Doing Lately + Pictures of Crazy Haircut

Loving:: my new haircut. Sixteen inches cut off on Wednesday... it feels so light! Sending off the chopped ponytail to a donation agency to make wigs for cancer patients.

Introducing:: Harmony to outside water play. Great fun on super hot days!

Savoring:: a new treat that my sister brought home called Chocoshrooms. The perfect tasty morsel, kind of like Pocky, but much less messy!

Writing:: letters to a lady in Michigan as part of the Love Notes project.

Creating:: watercolor and pen postcards! Making art for me almost feels like dreaming; I get a chance to see what is going on in my subconscious, much of the time.

Planning:: the final stages of the benefit concert for Compassion International that I and several other musicians are putting together for August!

Watching:: the cooking competition series Master Chef as each new episode becomes available on Hulu! We're rooting for Jessie right now.

Anticipating:: the 4th of July parade that I'll be walking in.

Listening:: to some great new FREE music from the "I Care If You Listen" summer 2013 mixtape. I've been playing the penultimate track* constantly. Go check it out!

Hoping:: to make some delicious popsicles like the ones we've had at the local Farmer's Market from Native Pops. Their apple-pomegranate was amazing, but I want to try their peach-lavender!

Enjoying:: the rewards of the last closet cleaned out: we're (almost) completely clutter-free**! The last boxes of everything we didn't need were taken to our church's rummage give-away this weekend.

Reminding:: myself that these nights with a teething, screaming child do not last forever.

Diving:: into the joys of summer!

*Anyone who knows what the word "penultimate" means without looking it up is my hero. It's one of my favorite words, but I definitely had no idea what it meant until I looked in a dictionary : P

**Well, we're not COMPLETELY clutter-free. There's still a box of mementos in our closet, and two boxes of baby clothes in storage that we're saving for a potential next child, a linen closet with an entire shelf devoted to serving dishes that we won't need unless we have a fancy dinner party (or five kids) etc. But we're basically living in a one-bedroom apartment, now that my sister has moved in, and our home doesn't FEEL cluttered anymore, so I'd call that a goal accomplished for now : ) 



Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Wonderful haircut! You must feel so much lighter!

You're so busy with so many inspiring activities! Good for you!

Love the artwork. I just recently started an art journal, so it's inspiring to see other people's work.

Wishing you a lovely day.

mountain girl said...

Fun stuff--especially the haircut!

Lyssa said...

Thank you, Jennifer! I'm so excited to see how your art journal goes! It definitely inspires me creatively to see what other people are working on : )

You have a lot of fun stuff coming up in your life, too, Mia. Can't wait to hear about the birthday party!