Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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It's the Little Things

Overheard yesterday: "Oh, I LOVE you so much, ducky, but I have to gooooo now. I so sorry. I just have to leave. I will love you forever! Don't be sad... I will come back tomorrow.

Overheard this morning: "Do you live in St. Louis, pony? Yes, I live in St. Louis. We will visit each other here. Let's go play hide and seek and find each other. Let's fly!"

The imaginative play has started, and it's beautiful to see.


We're all finally beginning to cough less. Of course that virus would run through the entire family. So now we're all trying to catch up on sleep together, which makes for some very cozy mornings curled up in our big bed with lots of warm blankets. I used to think that Harmony was not a snuggly child, but since this past summer she has suddenly turned into an I-want-to-cuddle-constantly person. Totally okay with me!


A few weeks ago I was featured on a lovely blog called Zauberbear, answering the question "Would you rather be able to understand any language or be able to play any instrument?"  It was very interesting to write out my response to this! Head over here to check it out.


During the month of November on Facebook I've been listing one thing I'm grateful for every single day. Here is the list so far:

#1     Seeing friends old and new at a guitar concert, fellow home-schooling moms and fellow guitarists!

#2     Two great performances with a guitar ensemble in Illinois.

#3     Cold pizza for breakfast. Yes, I'm weird.

#4     New-to-us pale green curtains for the huge windows in the den, the last windows in our home that needed to be covered.

#5     A successful final recording session with one of my students who worked very hard.

#6     Beautifully fresh flowers, a gift from a student's sweet family.

#7     Standing alongside passionate, dedicated music teachers who are an inspiration to me.

#8     Finding out that our new next-door neighbors are actually the neighbors from across the street, two houses down! They just wanted a bigger place to live.

#9     Honesty matched with graciousness. The truth is best given when paired with grace.

#10   A beautiful warm morning at the park, probably the last of the season.

#11   Almost a full night's sleep after a week of coughing (can you tell I was exhausted?).

#12   Seeing a best friend's amazing new guitar.

#13   A washer and dryer in my basement. No more walking two blocks to the laundry room in freezing weather!

#14   Artists meeting together to support each other and have meaningful dialogue.

#15   My sweet girl Harmony, the Mininsky.

#16   The beautiful snow falling in our city.

#17    The many, many cups of tea that I drink constantly throughout the day and night.

#18   Singing in harmony with another great human being.

Do you write out a list of gratitudes before Thanksgiving? What are some things you're grateful for right now? My blogging friend Marielle over at Magical Daydream inspired me to share what I'm thankful for today : ) 



A said...

It really is the little things, isn't it? Those new stages that kids step into, a full nights sleep, little joys through out the day.
Thanks for linking up at the SHINE blog hop!
Amber at

Lyssa said...

Yes, exactly, Amber! Thank you for your part in putting on the SHINE blog hop!