Saturday, January 26, 2013

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Goodbye, Facebook!

I'm doing the impossible. At least it probably seems impossible for a twenty-something year old extrovert in the 21st century.

I'm leaving Facebook.

For a while, anyway.

One of my friends suggested it as a challenge. When he brought it up, my first response was "YES"! Then I was surprised. Why was I so quick to agree?

Perhaps I needed to evaluate some things. Am I spreading myself too thin with so many outlets of online media? How much am I involving myself in others real lives, not just their online personas? How much time am I spending scrolling through newsfeed, rather than using my computer to write personalized emails to friends, do business work, or explore creative endeavors? What would happen if I took all the time I was on Facebook and instead picked up a book to read? Or wrote a postcard? Or wrote a thank-you note? Or wrote in my journal?

Facebook has its great usefulness. I can connect with friends far away in discussions that are only possible in an online forum (hi Sherry and Dwight!). I can see the first pictures of new babies or new houses of friends recently moved out of the area. I can plug into events like flashmobs or midwivery rallies through the various networks connected between friends.

But the time comes when I need to clear the air. I need to simplify some areas of my life. Take a breathe.

After making a conscious effort to cook and eat healthy food for the past few months, my weight has dropped to what it was before I was pregnant. Now I just have to eat enough for both Harmony and I! I'm also more fit than I've been in years, simply from carrying Harmony around and playing with her on the floor. I can't imagine what it will be like when she starts crawling, let alone walking! Plus, the best thing has been that I am recovering from common colds without falling into pneumonia or infections, like I used to do all the time. These are all good changes in my physical being.

Spiritually, I've been delving more into what Grace means. Spending more time in prayer and meditating on Scripture. Asking to be reminded of the Gospel. Needing to sing more, hear myself say the words I understand with my heart but so often forget in my head.

Now emotionally I'm feeling the need to connect more with others face to face. Having my family in town has been wonderful. Rather than visiting every few months, now my mom and I can enjoy a leisurely walk together. Sunday meals with apple pie. Surprise visits for a cup of tea.

I'd like to do that more with friends, too. Having Harmony around, with her needing naps and such, makes spontaneity more difficult, but not impossible. Night times are still fairly difficult to get away, since I teach in the evening and come straight home to put Harmony to bed, then eat dinner and tiptoe around the house to avoid waking her up. As the cold weather abates over the next few months, more outdoors time will be in the works, which I'm really looking forward to!

So I'm going to take a break from seeing people's Facebook profiles in order to see people's real faces.

For my far-away friends, I'm not deserting you! My blog will still be a place to muse. Photos of Harmony will probably be posted here (hi grandma!) for those who like seeing her antics. Please comment here, or write to my email address, or better yet, send me a letter in the mail! And then I can write you back! If you have a blog that I'm not aware of, send me the link. I still want to stay connected to friends who live in distant lands.

Let's see what happens!


Abby said...

I'll be checking in, Alyssa! I'll be looking for your sweet girl's smiley face (and yours, of course...)! :) A