Thursday, January 03, 2013

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Final post for DPP, Day #31

Sometimes I completely forget to take out my camera. Sometimes my arms and hands are too busy with a baby to take out my camera. But those aren't my excuses for this late final post in the December photo project.

A friend of mine, who is my husband's best friend, and who was the best man at our wedding, was recently deployed overseas for six months. We prayed often for his safe return, especially as the news from his area told of more violence, more deaths of military personnel. We rejoiced when N. made it safely back to the states in time to spend Christmas with his family! Then N., his younger sister, and mother drove the long distance to Missouri in order to spend the New Years holiday with us.

We didn't venture any farther (further?) than my home or my folks' home. We all played games, watched a movie, ate delicious food that my mom cooked, talked a lot, and simply enjoyed each other's company for a few short days. It was great : ) Hopefully we'll get to see N. again before he leaves for his next deployment.

But the only picture taken during this fun time was this one below. My mom had the presence of mind to pull out her camera, unlike me, so I'm using her picture! N. brought this adorable stuffed camel back from overseas as a gift for Harmony when he met her for the first time. As you can see, she loves it.

Friend From Afar
Thus ends my month of pictures! Which day was your favorite?