Thursday, September 05, 2013

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Thoughtful Thursday: The Nondetermined God

"The historic Christian position is that man's dilemma has a moral cause. God, being nondetermined, created man as a nondetermined person. This is a difficult idea for anyone thinking in twentieth-century terms because most twentieth-century thinking sees man as determined. he is determined either by chemical factors, as the Marquis de Sade held and Francis Crick is trying to prove, or by psychological factors, such as B.F. Skinner holds. In these cases, or as a result of a fusion of them, man is considered to be programmed. If this is the case, then man is not the tremendous thing the Bible says he is, made in the image of God as a personality who can make a free first choice. Because God created a true universe outside of himself (not as an extension of his essence), there is a true history which exists. Man as created in God's image is therefore a significant man in a significant history, who can choose to obey the commandment of God and love him, or revolt against him."

~ Francis Schaeffer, excerpt from The God Who is There

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Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Interesting quote. I think of our creation much like having or own children. We can not control our children's choices... they are their own people. We can nurture them and provide a foundation for them so that their choices can lead them to a more content life. I think our God has done this for us. He has also given us the "tools" and "resources" to get through the trials of this world... we just need to lean into Him and look to Him for support.