Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Wednesday Wanderings

The links today are especially important for me, because they explore topics that I find interesting or meaningful. Most are personally relatable to me as well, so I guess you'll see a bit more of who I am ; ) You are more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section!

In our apartment, you're likely to hear us bellowing opera one minute and bouncing around the house to 8-bit music the next. We name the chickens that we cook so that we can comment on their tanning time in our oven. And we leave sticky notes that say "creeper" in places where they'll be found unexpectedly, because insanity. Is your family spicy or sweet?

I adore the Doctor. More specifically, David Tennant, since he's pretty much the best Doctor. The end.

Just kidding, it's not the end.

Chris and I have been married for three years now. We can ALWAYS use more wisdom on how to strengthen your marriage, and this heartfelt story is one of the best reminders of how to succeed at love.

The upcoming marathon of NaNoWriMo is still on my mind! The characters of my story (I'm going to try my hand at being a planner this year) are slowly coming to life. I'm using the computer for most of my writing, but not everyone uses technology to spin their tale! Here are the writing tools of twenty famous authors.

Speaking of writing stories, do you think that creativity means making something from nothing? That drugs make you more creative? That creativity belongs to the arts? Take a look at ten myths about creativity.

Home-made sourdough bread is the best, so here's how you get started! I'm planning on making my own starter this week : )

I wondered why coupons never seemed to work for me, and this article showed exactly why.

There are plenty of internet articles that say things like, "10 Best Pieces of Advice EVERRRRR!" and "The Most Important Thing in the World to Remember". Here's another one! Have to say, though, I don't know if I agree with numbers seven or thirteen. Just saying. You have to pick and choose the advice you take.

This is what one of my musical heroes said: "I'm a better musician now than when I was seventy." Wow!

Finally, here is a real-life news story from my hometown. Reading it was an absolute *facepalm* moment, especially the picture of the policemen grinning and the dude on horseback with the mustache that doesn't give a darn. His mustache doesn't give a darn, I mean. Um.... what? IDAHO.

Everyone thinks of potatoes when Idaho is mentioned,
but it's actually known as the "Gem state".


Tutorgal said...

A few thoughts:
We are both spicy and sweet. Like everyone (I imagine) we try to be sweeter in front of others.

My Doctor is #10 and that will never change.

The marriage story is amazingly spot-on and very much something I needed to read. Thank you.

I tried. I really tried to be a couponer, but it just isn't gonna happen unless it's attached to the package and even then I only have about a 30% chance of remembering it at checkout. I accept that about myself now and there is much less stress in my life.

I heard advice #7 as "conflict is the result of unmet expectations". I think there's something to that. I agree with you on #13.

Thanks for sharing--it's fun to know a bit more of you!

Lyssa said...

David Tennant IS the Doctor!!!!! He is hands down the best.

Thank you for reading! I love hearing what other people think about these links : )