Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Find Where Your Comfort Is

Comfort is...

her little voice saying, "snuggle, mama, I need snuggles!"

curling up with the latest Taproot magazine and a warm cup of tea

the silent beauty of the fresh flowers on my table

walking up my front steps to hear faint sounds of the piano being played

lying on the lawn in the sunshine

lying on the lawn in the moon and starlight

finding secret messages in the words of my books and Bible

a quick nap on the yellow couch

reading aloud to each other

late night conversations with friends over drinks

feeling my fingers settle into well-loved favorite pieces on the guitar

folding paper cranes in the peaceful quiet of nap time

the art on my walls

my claddagh ring

his familiar, beloved smile

doing dishes while day-dreaming out the window

knitting away at a steady project

singing the songs to my daughter that my mother sang to me

waking early in the morning to lie in bed simply breathing and being before arising

eating bread fresh baked from the oven


letters from friends far distant

soup on chilly nights

light filling the rooms from all the lovely windows

closing my eyes and knowing peace

When I find what brings me comfort, I find that I am grateful once again, that I am graced beyond measure with many blessings. What do you find brings comfort to your body and soul?

~ Prompt for March 18th: comfort


Participating in Write Alm's March prompts, daily words as guides for writing down what is in my head and heart. Entries might be long, might be short, might be posted here on the blog, or shared on my Instagram account. Do join me and others in sharing our thoughts with these prompts! I love seeing what you write.


Abigail ~ said...

LYSSA this is just really really beautiful. it really is the little things in life. and you've proved this fact so beautifully. this restored my heart and made my soul happy.

Lyssa said...

Awwww, I'm so glad you like it, Abigail :-D I'd love to have the discipline to list 1,000 gifts like Ann Voskamp, but I've only ever made it a few months before slacking off. It truly does make me so much more grateful to my life if I list what I am thankful for every day!