Monday, December 31, 2012

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Word of 2013, and Day #30 of the December Photo Project

You can struggle against what you hear being whispered into your ear, or you can accept it peacefully, even if you might wish you were hearing something else.

My Word for 2012, Trust, came easily. I was happy to welcome it. Looking back, if I'd known how hard Trust would prove to be, I might have been more reluctant. But it was a good year, an important Word for my life, and much good came from it. 

During these last few weeks I've had ideas of what my Word could be for 2013. And then, in the midst of my pleasant musings, a conversation began in my mind. It was something like a prayer, something like my conscience, and something like soul-talk with God.


Which of these Words I've laid out should I choose? I want it to be full of power, full of meaning! It needs to be an area of growth, and an area where I can explore what God created me to be. A Word to help refine my character. A Word that will --


No, not that. Too generalized. Not what I need to focus on. Booooooring.

Grace, Lyssa.

What? I don't want that. I've got grace down already. I want to choose something else, something that will really bring change!

You already know Grace fully?

Um... well... no. But there are lots of other things I'd rather know more! 

Sigh. That's true. I probably need to learn how to GIVE Grace also. 

Everyone needs Grace.

Are you saying that Grace is related to love? 

And gentleness. And compassion. 

Ugh. I'm not so good at those things. I was trying to stay away from those. Can't I save Grace for another year, when I maybe won't have a toddler around, or when I've built up my skin a bit tougher to the world first?

Grace comes best when it is undeserved.

I knew you were going to say that. Grace probably means working on patience, too. Another thing I lack. 

Grace covers many things.

I thought choosing a Word was supposed to be simple. You're making this hard. Now if I don't choose Grace, I'll feel secretly guilty all year. 

Why do you run away from Grace?

Because it makes me uncomfortable! I'm not Graceful, or Gracious, or Grace-giving. I'm clumsy, foot-in-mouth, judgmental, stubborn, and... stubborn. Lots of stubbornness. 




Look out, 2013. Here Grace and I come. 

You can struggle against what you hear being whispered into your ear, or you can accept it peacefully. And even if you wish you were hearing something else, it might be exactly what you need. 

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