Monday, March 18, 2013

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Back from the Land of Bleh

It's a good thing that the majority of my blog posts are written in advance, or else nothing would have been published last week. On Monday, Harmony began barfing up a storm (lovely image, eh?) on the bed. The dreaded stomach flu had hit us at last. I've had too many students missing this month from the stomach bug to NOT eventually catch it.

As Harmony began feeling better on Wednesday, I came down with it. Misery ensued. My mom came over to help when it was at its worst. Then when I began taking my first shaky steps around the house  on Friday, Chris came home from work with a headache and an upset stomach. Round three.

Now it's Monday again. Chris is back at work again, Harmony is back to her cheerful self (except for the teething times), and I am SO SO THANKFUL to have this week off from teaching! Spring break could not have arrived at a more welcome time. My house desperately needs to be deep cleaned from the dust that has built up over the winter. I'm still catching up on laundry from last week's grossness. Bills need to be paid, paperwork caught up, meals planned now that we're eating again, make-up lessons for my students set up, and the never-ending pile of dishes should probably be washed at some point.

It feels like I lost a week. The past seven days were a blur of illness. We haven't been that sick in years.

Enough complaining... here are the bright spots of last week.

~ Chris and I caught up on past episodes of the show "Destination Truth" when we were on the couch recuperating. We are silly that way.

~ My neighbor gave us soup and cake and laundry detergent. She's cool that way.

~ Two Carolina wrens are building their home in a nesting basket that I hung up two years ago! It's so exciting to watch them!

~ Harmony is eating solid foods finally! Not just a bite and then refusing more, but she's asking for food when we eat meals, eating lots of bites, and happy about it. This is huge.

~ During the long hours of caring for a sick husband and baby, or lying prone in bed myself, I began outlining and developing in my head the story that I think will be my plot for NaNoWriMo this year! That's all I will say right now about it. I'm super loving the characters, who just kind of came up and introduced themselves to me. They feel real already. It was a good way for me to be creative even if it was all just in my head!

~ I formulated a plan on paper to get us all back on a good sleep schedule, do all the tasks necessary for this week off teaching, and start making better use of our time. It's tempting to sleep in with Harmony, or stay up late after she's asleep, but I really need to be wise with my time.

I hope everyone else has had a better weekend! We're walking slowly but surely now on the road to recovery. It will probably be a little while as I get caught up with life to start writing posts again.