Monday, May 27, 2013

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Navy friend + Beginning of Summer + Staycation = Yay!

June is always going to be a busy month. Wedding anniversary, Harmony's birthday, vacation time (usually), end of the year performances, summer scheduling begins... it's easy to let my calendar fill up! But I still want to take time for the peaceful moments like last night, when Harmony and I went on a sunset walk around our apartment complex, or yesterday afternoon when my family sat down to a delicious Sunday dinner together.

Blogging may not happen on a perfect schedule, just to warn you : )  If I can write a Monday post, put together a few links on Wednesday, and get a picture up on Friday, then that will be awesome, but if not... please bear with me!

Today being Memorial Day, we've been thinking of everyone who serves in the military, including our close friends. Chris's best friend, Nick, who met Chris during Boy Scouts when they were young and was the best man in our wedding three years ago, is arriving on Wednesday to visit for a week before his next deployment begins. He's in the navy, so we are lucky if we get to see him once a year. Harmony's special camel stuffed animal, which she takes with her everywhere, was Nick's gift to her last year when he was able to meet her for the first time.

We're looking forward to having a lovely staycation with Nick, my family, and other friends here in St. Louis! In the plans are visits to the Botanical Gardens, Cahokia Mounds across the river, Shakespeare in the Park, movie nights, long conversations, and shared meals. I'm hoping for a little time to get back into playing my guitar and mandolin, too!

Thank you to everyone in the military for protecting our country. To my friends who serve, we think of you often and pray for your safety, especially when you are away.

Picture from our wedding, taken by the talented Jim Larson