Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Wednesday Wanderings

These little guys called "story cubes" are an absolutely brilliant idea. Kids, teens, adults, anyone could have fun using them! Putting these on our "Someday-in-the-future Family Wish List". 


Ever wondered why there are only three kinds of lettuce sold in the grocery store? Why only a few types of potatoes? There are dozens and dozens of types of vegetables and fruits out there, yet the store sets limits on the consumers by only offering a miniscule selection. It wasn't always this way! Check out why you can only seem to buy five kinds of apples in most grocery stores nowadays

One mother wanted to give her daughter better role models than the typical princesses, Disney channel stars, and modern pop icons that our culture says little girls should emulate. I was so impressed with the beautiful photography session of her daughter dressed as influential women from history

"To believe with certainty, one must begin by doubting." "Sometimes growth is enjoyable and sometimes it is not. But growth is always good." Two quotes from a great article about seven things learned in fifty years, from a guy I personally know. 

I found out that I would have received investigation and punishment in six countries... just for visiting a place with the word "tavern" in the title. Curious to know how many crimes you've committed that can be traced back to your Facebook page? Take a look at this website from Amnesty International called Trial by Timeline

"Interestingly, the characters in the Bible who were the most self-confident about their beliefs were usually the ones who were wrong and rebuked by Jesus, while those who were humble and eager to learn were the ones Jesus used in powerful ways. Wise people admit when they’re wrong, but when it comes to theology most people spend all of their time and energy buttressing and protecting their own personal beliefs instead of critically, prayerfully, humbly, and honestly questioning them." In the course of time, I've changed, grown, and changed again when it comes to my understanding of who God is and who I am. I am so grateful for the "grace of an unchanging God" who does not simply discard me when I worry, doubt, ponder, consider, and CHANGE. This author explains more about why it's not a sin to change your beliefs

Where can a teen girl learn that "conventional beauty is valued above all else", that "valued girls must wait to be asked", and that it's absolutely necessary to have a lot of money if you want to be liked? Why, prom, of course. Here is a thought-provoking article about the damaging messages of prom in today's culture.  

When most older adults retire, the last thing they want to think about doing is raising a family of adopted children. But that's exactly what this family is doing. What better way to help young people than to give them a family and a home, helping them build a future for themselves? An inspiring example of selfless love : )