Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Wednesday Wanderings

Here is a varied selection of articles that I've found on my excursions around the web! I hope you enjoy them, or at least find them thought-provoking. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section, whether you agree or disagree. 

Our movie shelf is filled with Miyazaki films instead of Disney (except for Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, and The Three Caballeros), because we like everything about Miyazaki MUCH more than Disney around here. So I was drooling up a storm when I saw these art-nouveau inspired portraits of Miyazaki's characters! 

Speaking of Disney, what if they actually decided to draw their villains as beautiful instead of ugly? Evil people can be pretty too. 

If you are a fellow musician or music-lover, check out the fall 2013 edition of the I Care If You Listen Mixtape! You're sure to find a few gems. Definitely worth the free download!

All right, here's the serious part of today's links: this experiment convinced the former editor of a soft-porn magazine that porn is one of the most terrible threats facing CHILDREN today. Every person, whether you're a parent or not, needs to take a good look at this topic. 

This is one of the best articles I've ever read on Generation Y. Without giving away the main points, let's just say that it explains a lot about my generation.

Want to have a symbiotic relationship with your food? Wait no longer! The algae food helmet is here!

One of my favorite songs remixed by not one, but TWO of my favorite online musicians?! Bring it on!

Here are forty of the most powerful photos you'll probably ever see. I dare you to go through the entire list and NOT cry. Tears were rolling down my cheeks by the fifth photo. If you have a heart, you'll at least feel something!