Wednesday, July 09, 2014

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Vulnerable, Take Two, with a Side of Ambition

Self-portraits are strange.
It's best just to point and shoot
without any fussing,
get it over quickly.
It's not often that I see myself.
If I look clearly,
will I like
where I am going
or who I am?
Thankfully this moment is 
not the end
of the road yet,
so there is still time
to take another turn,
to keep on becoming
who I hope to be.


From the time I was a toddler (yes really, I was four) my goal in life was to be the best female classical guitarist that I could. That was tempered as I aged; I would settle for being ONE of the best. Then in college I discovered that the best use of my time and energy was to teach classical guitar to children. Within the past few years, this has narrowed to just be "teach children", including any and all subjects such as music, the Bible, how to write, how to read, how to love literature, dancing, music theory, and most of all, how to love. 

This doesn't mean I've got it all down pat for myself. Far from it.

But these areas are so important to me that I can't help but want to share them with others. 

And in the process of teaching them to children, I am teaching myself the same basic principles over and over and over. It is a continuous process of taming my heart, which is much more complex than training my fingers.

Now my greatest ambition is to simply love others, in whatever ways I can.

Weaving words along with everyone else inspired by Write Alm's July Prompt-a-Day.

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