Thursday, July 24, 2014

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You Think We're Eccentric?

I've seen the way people look at us, strangers in the grocery store or drivers going by on the street. Our friends are more okay with rolling their eyes at us. Or they join in, if they're cool enough ; )

We're going to be known as "that" family. At least to some folks. 

The family that pulls from their grocery budget to pay for a banjo that suddenly came up for grabs (at an extremely low price, if I may say so), adding to our growing collection of instruments. Who can master the forward and alternating rolls first, guys?! 

The family that sits on their porch playing music in the evening while letting their two year old pick flowers in the twilight.

The family that makes up their own lyrics to popular songs and tries to see whose version is more hilarious.

The family who shouts "pose!" when you least expect it and then everyone freezes into a ridiculous position. Points for looking the most dramatic!

The family who doesn't operate under any kind of current or modern fashion sense, but just wear the colors and style and feel of clothes they like. 

The family that turns up its nose at each other's drinks of choice (tea, Mountain Dew, and coffee*) yet goes out of their way to help each other obtain said drink as if it were a vital part of the day's functioning. Which, for some of us, it probably is.

The family that constantly has a visitor sleeping on their couch for a night, or a weekend, or eleven days, or more. Guests are welcome here : )

The family that might break into an opera or musical scene in the kitchen. Yes, with terrible pronunciation of Italian (me) and the possibility of a tap solo (Chris).

Yes. We are "that" family. 

And we love it. 

*My sister = tea, Chris = Mountain Dew, me = coffee (once or twice a week now), and I do like tea, actually. Heh.

Weaving words along with everyone else inspired by Write Alm's July Prompt-a-Day.