Friday, September 12, 2014

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Letting My Freak Flag Fly

Photo taken by Christina R.
Last year it took a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone and learn to do the Thriller Dance in front of audiences as part of the professional STL Flashmob! Everything from putting on the make-up (I usually hate make-up) to attending rehearsals with complete strangers, to dancing in front of crowds at weddings and events, to acting fiercely zombieish... it was all new and a little bit scary.

But it was a wonderful experience! I learned a three and a half minute dance by heart. I am completely okay with the fact that I'm really not a great dancer, because I found out how much fun it is to dance with others! I was happy to dance as a zombie because to me, it was a reminder that death has no power, even though I think that when we truly come back to life we won't look quite so beat up ; )  Best of all, I made new friends, young and old, whom I continued to see throughout the year at other flashmob events (we did dances for Christmas and for charity events) and have enjoyed getting to know. We even attended the wedding of one of the lovely ladies in our group, and all the women got together to create a special flashmob for her reception! 

Our group is beginning rehearsals again for the Halloween season. It's already proving to be just as much fun as before, of course : )  My costume for this year is a zombie mime; old clothes, a pair of suspenders for a dollar, thrift store shoes and gloves, and I'm set. Because I already know the Thriller dance, I'll be able to have more fun just dancing and refining all the steps, instead of having to concentrate super hard on just doing the steps right, so that is exciting.

If you'd like to check out what our flashmob does, follow this link!

Also, if you live in St. Louis and are interested in joining our group, let me know!


mountain girl said...

Oh, how terribly scary! I am sure your dance was great--awesome you stepped out and did it!

Lyssa said...

Thank you! It's still a little nerve-wracking to dance in front of strangers, and I'm sure it will always be that way, but I enjoy it more and more : )

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom said...

Oh wow! How awesome and cool! You keep on rocking it friend! It sounds like this has been a great experience for you.

Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

Wishing you a lovely weekend.