Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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Everywhere I Go

~ A notebook, because you'd be crazy to leave the house without one.

~ My leather wallet.

~ Raspberry breath mints... no idea where I got them, because I didn't buy them...

~ A pack of gum free from the 4th of July parade.

~ Because everyone carries an extra set of guitar strings around with them.

~ My life-saver in asthma emergencies.

~ Not one, but two of my favorite type of pen.

~ A comb that I never use.

~ Chapstick of the best-smelling variety: pomegranate.

~ Tea, also in case of emergencies.

~ A nail care kit, which is an absolute must for all classical guitarists. It makes me feel weird because I don't even wear make-up. It's just the nails on my right hand that have to be perfect all the time.

What do you carry everywhere you go?



Barb Marshall said...

Ok, reading your list brought an immediate smile to my face; "A notebook, because you would be crazy to leave the house without one" as I am a bit of a paper gal so I love when I meet others who like their pen to paper treasures. I just bought a new chapstick (for some reason I can never find one) in Earl Grey tea flavor. It is divine. Lovely to meet you via "ShineBLogHop"

CrunchyCrafty HighlyCaffeinated said...

I love this!! The guitar strings make the spatula in my bag seem a bit more normal ;-) I'm also completely obsessed with notebooks and post its at the moment so I agree that you would be crazy to leave the house without a notebook!

Thank you so much for linking up at the #SHINEbloghop

Lyssa said...

Ha ha, a spatula is awesome!

YES, paper is the best. Computers are great, and there are times when I prefer to type, but in the end, I like the documentation and the slowness and the physical approach that a notebook gives me.

Thanks for hopping over here, ladies!

Remy Cruz said...

I'm missing the note book! Actually this week I was trying to buy one small for my purse.

visiting from #shinebloghop