Tuesday, September 09, 2014

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With the advent of the piano,
brought by Chris's awesome family
all the way from Ohio 
(his grandmother's piano,
a beloved heirloom for him)
we celebrated with what will be
the first of many house concerts:
several guitars, piano, banjo, mandolin,
folk and classical
musicians alike singing and playing together,
from two to seventy-two. 
Rockytop Tennessee, much Hank Williams,
Horse with No Name,
Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel,
Blessed Be the Name,
Great is Thy Faithfulness,
I'll Fly Away
was the flavor of this all-inclusive performance.

Add to that a date night
to hear music at our favorite hide-out,
music sung at church and played
for the always-enthusiastic children,
music enjoyed at an open mic 
for students of my studio,
and we can satisfactorily say
that our weekend has been full
of music.



fourwoodthinking.com said...

I'm definitely bringing my kid over to your place for concerts and music education. ;)

Lyssa said...

You're all welcome to come make music with us! I'm so excited to see you at some point in the future when you move back here : )

Lyssa said...
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