Monday, September 22, 2014

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Weekending and Favorite Classical Music

Morning at park in the lovely cool
weather, her daredevil
ways among the playground,
swinging on bars and climbing
far too high for her mama's comfort.
I swallow my "be careful's"
knowing that she will gain more
confidence without my worries.
Unexpected visit from college;
he is always welcome.
We drink Turkish coffee 
and discuss Hemingway
and the lives of guitarists.
Beloved Aunty over for dinner.
Chat over tacos and my first time
eating lime meringue pie: yum,
oh my goodness yum.
Jazz festival: live music is the best!
Harmony dances to the beat
in the heat 
of the street.
Anniversary of our church: celebrate
with song, praise, worship,
picnic at a local park,
soccer and play and laughter
and conversation and love and good food.
I am singing with happiness.


My friend Devin tagged me to name my top ten favorite classical pieces of music. Here's what I came up with this morning, although I'm sure if you asked me next week it would look a little different! These pieces never get old no matter how many times I listen to them. Most of them I have completely aurally memorized.

The Love for Three Oranges Suite, Prokofiev ~ A favorite since I was eleven years old. I have an entire fairy story imagined that goes along to this music. 

The Four Seasons, Vivaldi ~ My earliest memory of classical music. We had a vinyl record of this that my mom would play when I was very young, probably in preschool.

Seventh Symphony, Beethoven ~ I have very good memories associated with this work. Also, its colors are brilliant!

Variations on a Moldovian Hora, Krouse ~ A classical guitar piece that always takes my breath away.

Scheherazade, Rimsky-Korsakov ~ Who wouldn't enjoy this incredible music?! 

In Search of Hidden Treasure, Margoshes ~ More of a neoclassical work. I heard it on the classical radio station a year ago and was so mesmerized that I stayed in my car to finish out the entire piece and was very late for a rehearsal. 

Piano Sonata No. 14, Beethoven ~ I love listening to this when I want to think. Or on rainy days. Or when it's snowing. Or at night. Or when I want to meditate. It's just beautiful.

The Seventeen Lyrics of Li-po, Partch ~ This one really pushes the boundaries of the definition of "classical" music. It is very much a modern work! But since it's for voice and viola, I'm still going to put it in this list. I am in love with the melodies. It has such a hauntingly wonderful sound.

Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg ~ My second earliest classical music memory. Our vinyl record literally wore out because I played "Hall of the Mountain King" on repeat so many times before I was even in two-digit numbered years.

Adagio for Strings, Barber ~ This piece always gives me chills and moves me more deeply than any other piece I've ever heard. The first three times I heard it I cried.

There you have it! Do you have a favorite piece of classical music? Do share!


Happy first day of autumn! My favorite season is here!!!