Monday, April 22, 2013

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100th Blog Post! (again)

Well, folks, here it is. The 100th blog post!

Several years ago when I first began this blog, I reached the 100th post and wrote one hundred random facts about myself. That page is still in the archives, if you're willing to go digging through to find it ; )  But I deleted most of the blogs I had written in that time (they were either too weird or too annoying for my taste now).

I don't think I want to come up with a hundred facts about myself again, so here are some other random things!

10 of my favorite composers!
~ Antonio Vivaldi
~ Ludwig Van Beethoven
~ Astor Piazzolla
~ Eric Whitacre
~ Howard Shore
~ Sergei Prokofiev
~ Jorge Morel
~ Philip Glass
~ Piotr Tchaikovsky
~ Fernando Ortega

9 hymns I enjoy singing!
~ Be Thou My Vision
~ A Mighty Fortress is Our God
~ And Can It Be, That I Should Gain?
~ Jesus, Lover of My Soul
~ Great is Thy Faithfulness
~ Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
~ I Need Thee Every Hour
~ O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
~ Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting

8 places I went this weekend!
~ Church, for worship
~ My folk's house, for family
~ Tilles Park, for a walk
~ Around my neighborhood, for more walks
~ Schnucks grocery store, for food
~ The Webster Groves annual herb sale, for plants with my neighbor
~ Fitz's Restaurant, for a letterboxing meeting
~ The Loop, because people are awesome there

7 of my favorite foods!
~ Avocados
~ Artichokes
~ Lemon bars
~ Spaghetti
~ Authentic tacos
~ Strawberries
~ Captain Crunch cereal

6 of my current hobbies!
~ Knitting
~ Reading
~ Nature walks/hikes
~ Writing
~ Making art
~ Letterboxing

5 websites I visit almost every day!

4 plants that I bought at the herb sale this weekend!
~ Rosemary
~ Basil
~ Sunflower
~ Tomato

3 things I'd like to accomplish today!
~ Plant my herbs and the tomato plants in the correct way.
~ Wash all the dirty dishes in my sink.
~ Have a productive rehearsal tonight with the ensemble I coach.

2 other blogs I have!
~ Life is the Teacher (newly updated, too!)
~ Unwrapping Love (new blog post coming soon!)

1 picture of Chris and I during our college graduation weekend four years ago! How time flies.