Monday, April 15, 2013

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Surprised By Harmony

Today, I was once again surprised by my daughter.

Several months ago, my mother made a toy from a clean sour cream container. She punched holes of three different sizes in the lid, then bought several sizes of puff balls that would fit through the holes. She showed Harmony how to put the balls through the holes, and how to push the larger balls through with her finger, but Harmony showed little interest. I told my mom that the toy was too advanced for her. My mom brought the toy out every few weeks for Harmony to see, always putting it back in the toy basket when Harmony didn't respond. This happened four or five times. Harmony had the opportunity to take the toy out if she wished, but while she sometimes played with the puff balls, she favored her other toys.
Suddenly, last week, Harmony paid attention to the toy.
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