Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Wednesday Wanderings

This is an interesting social experiment: the city of Seattle will be planting a food forest free to the public. But what if someone takes all the fruit for their own profit? How will people share? I'm full of questions about this, but I sincerely hope it works.

I love browsing through these beautiful paintings by Janet Hill. The series entitled "Miss Moon was a dog governess" is my favorite. They spark so many creative stories!

Gratitude is something that we struggle with, especially in this plentiful, instant gratification age of entitlement. Here's one's author's way to raise grateful children.

The Huffington post refused to publish this article about school shooters. I wondered why until I read it. Now it makes sense. Anyone with students or children should seriously consider the thoughts here.

How would your interaction with others change if you followed the one piece of advice offered in this article called "The Great Social Experiment"?

We live in a small two bedroom, one bath apartment, which I enjoy sometimes and regret other times. This post about the blessings of a small home made me feel better about it today!

Last week I heard an intriguing piece of music on the classical radio station. I looked it up and found out that I was listening to a classical interpretation of the theme from a video game! I had no idea that the music from games could be so interesting when played by a classical string ensemble.