Wednesday, June 05, 2013

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Catching Up

It's been a lovely week so far, folks. So lovely, in fact, that I've done no writing.

Navy-friend Nick just left (sad face), but we had a great time with him! I re-learned how to play the card game Munchkin, we visited a local national landmark called Cahokia Mounds, watched the mini-series Tin Man (based on the Wizard of Oz) and Neverland (based on Peter Pan), listened to music, hung out with other friends, stayed up way too late, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We were also treated to a SUPER dinner at the Melting Pot by Nick. The food was so amazing that I only thought to take a picture to remember it by at the very end, when the dessert came. All the rest of the food was devoured/savored/enjoyed before any camera could make an appearance. By far one of the best meals I've ever had!

I also had the opportunity to attend a mandolin workshop given by Roland White at a local music store. Ever since I began playing the mandolin almost two summers ago, I've been wishing for lessons, but it just couldn't happen. Youtube videos and a book have been my teachers so far. When I heard about the workshop, I excitedly checked out the information.... and knew that the cost was too expensive.

And then I miraculously found a gift certificate for the music store in a forgotten bag, given by a student's family for Christmas almost four years ago. The gift certificate covered almost the ENTIRE COST of the workshop! I was elated. Happy early birthday to me!

The four hours of mandolin instruction, stories, tips, and music were invaluable for me as a beginner. It was so inspiring to hear the other incredibly talented mandolinists playing, too. Most of the time I just stayed quiet, hoping that my stumbling pick wouldn't be heard ; )


I'm also planning a benefit concert! I haven't done any performing for quite a while, so it feels strange to be preparing my fingers again. We are raising funds for Compassion International, a group which helps release children from poverty by providing food and clean water, educational opportunities, medical care, and important life skills through sponsorship programs. I'll be playing with several other musicians. It'll be great!

Still continuing this week of vacation with my love and our daughter. It's so rare that Chris and I both have a day off work together, let alone several days in a row!