Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Wednesday Wanderings

This article seriously freaked me out. I used to sleep with my cell phone right next to my bed, but that won't be happening anymore. As soon as I can get a regular alarm clock, I won't be using my cell phone as a wake-up alarm, either. Dang.

Couch Surfing is something that I've known about for years, so when it came up again in my local newspaper, I definitely wanted to share it just to make sure others knew about this awesome way to travel too!

Want to see what Bach, Copernicus, and the real Santa Claus look like? Check out these facial reconstructions of famous historical figures!

What do you get when you put Duke Ellington and Billie Holiday together? Absolute genius music.

Seventeen important life lessons from one of the greatest movies of all time: The Princess Bride. 'Nuf said.

Even though I don't have internet or email access on my (rather oldschool) cell phone, it still gets checked pretty often. It's rare that I don't have it with me, whether I'm out with family, teaching, shopping, at the park, etc. But maybe I should start leaving the phone home more often. One author writes about how the smartphone killed the three-day weekend: "Many of us have an exaggerated sense of our own importance. I can tell you that come Tuesday morning, the earth will still be revolving whether you have checked your email or not."

Last, but most certainly not least, today is the third anniversary of marriage for Chris and I! We went out for a lovely dinner last night (thank you, gift card!) and have coupons for free frozen custard later today, a tradition from our wedding day. I'll share some of my favorite pictures from the wedding here, for anyone who might be interested (hi grandma!), so... yeah : )

Picture by Jim Larson!