Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Thoughtful Thursday

"And so the story of the swift, beautiful year is ended, and our wee, soft, helpless baby had become this darling thing, beginning to toddle, beginning to talk, full of a wide-awake baby intelligence, and rejoicing in her mind and body; communicating with us in a vivid and sufficient dialect, and overflowing with the sweet selfishness of baby coaxings and baby gratitude. And at a year old, there is no shadow on the charm from the perception that its end is near. By the second birthday we say, 'Ah, we shall be losing our baby soon!' But on the first, we are eager, as the little one herself is, to push on to new unfoldings; it is the high springtime of babyhood- perfect, satisfying, beautiful."

~ The Biography of a Baby, Millicent Shinn

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Happy first birthday to my silly Bug