Saturday, January 11, 2014

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A Home-School Manifesto

I'm over at one of my other blogs today, writing about a very personally dear subject: how to start a home-school group from scratch, and what our goals as a home-schooling family just beginning on this journey will be. Super excited to share this!

"As Christian, gentle parenting families with toddlers, what we really want is a group of like-minded folks who are in it for a place where people can build relationships, get to know each other and build community, celebrate holidays, offer support to each other, and let our kids play together like kids should at this young age. Simply, our desire is for a group that is more relationally-based instead of academically-based. As our children mature, we will begin considering various academic curricula and supplementary resources for them, yet still want to have the community of the home-school group, for many reasons."

Want to check out more? I also wrote a post about how we suddenly realized that we were ALREADY home-schooling, even though I had been saying that we were planning to home-school in the future.



mountain girl said...

Love your goals. I'll check out your other post, too. Hope you are having a nice weekend!