Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Remembering: "Because it's what you brought me back to see, to sit in the moment."

Clammy air full of moon-mist on a warm summer's night
Many of those nights
Sharing breath, your hand in mine 
My feet in boots, favorite red dress
The way his words thrilled as I found the confidence of confirmation
Universe widens and gapes, its yawn threatening my tiny ego of existence
Dream so deep I thought I was awake until you kissed me falling into another dream
Her tiny fingers reaching for me, not just once, but over and over and over
Walking first-time across wood floors of the house now mine
That I am beautiful
That my name is beautiful 
That the act of naming, of being named, is beautiful    
Allowing the gold to mingle with the red 
Terror of standing on the edge of comprehension... looking over the edge
Facing him for once without fear
That He may not be Safe, but He is Good
Roads traveled while singing with full soul and voice
His voice trembling with earnestness: "I want to be good."
Falling asleep to the sound of your heartbeat
The moment when she suddenly straightened and looked at me with fire
Blow after blow as each one says goodbye
Walking with freedom and shedding guilt with every step
Coming to terms with my dis-able-to-function's that continue to frustrate
Dinner doesn't always have to be perfect
House doesn't always have to be clean
Feeling once more the pen in my hands work its magic
Being taught the difference between "you can" and "you may"
Saying "no" and sighing in relief instead of shame
Saying "yes" and diving off the branch into thin air like a bird 
Learning to fly again
Learning to love again

Weaving words along with Write A.L.M.'s August Prompt-a-Day