Wednesday, August 06, 2014

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The Days Are Running, Exploding

I keep telling myself that it'll be fine
You can't make everybody happy all of the time
I found myself in a place that I've never been
A place that I thought I would never be
There's people looking back at me

~ Paranoia in B-Flat Major, The Avett Brothers

You dream of colors that have never been made
You imagine songs that have never been played
(They will try to buy you and your mind)
They will try to buy you and your mind
Only the curious have something to find

~ This Side, Nickel Creek

One of these mornings you're gonna rise up singing
And you'll spread your wings and you'll take to the sky
But 'til that morning, there ain't nothing can harm you
With daddy and mammy standing by

~ Summertime, Ella Fitzgerald

Walk your walk and don't look back
Always do what you decide
Don't let them control your life
That's just how I feel
Fight for yours and don't let go
Don't let them compare you, no
Don't worry, you're not alone
That's just how we feel

~ Am I Wrong, Nico and Vinz

And all she ever thinks about is memories of soaring through the sky
'Cause she remembers having wings
But she's forgotten what it feels like to fly
And all I want to do is fly, just fly
And all I want to do is fly,
Just fly!

~ Fly to Paradise, Eric Whitacre

And I've come to be untroubled in my seeking
And I come to see that nothing is for naught
I've come to reach out blind
To reach forward and behind
For the more I seek, the more I'm sought
Yeah, the more I seek, the more I'm sought

~ Hymn #101, Joe Pug

You light me up inside
Like the 4th of July
Whenever you're around
I always seem to smile
And people ask me how 
Well you're the reason why
I'm dancing in the mirror, singing in the shower

~ Shower, Becky G

and here is a secret they never will share
for whom create is less than have
or one times one than when times where—
that we are in love,that we are in love:
with us they've nothing times nothing to do
(for love are in we am in i are in you)
~ The Great Advantage of Being Alive, e.e. cummings