Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Should I get a tattoo?

Tattoos. A symptom of rebellion, or a way to express yourself? An ugly way to disfigure your body, or a beautiful work of human art? A stupid choice, or a thoughtful decision?

I've heard both sides of the argument. A lot of what people believe seems to depend on how conservative their family was/is, and how old they are. Tattoos seem to be losing their edgy symbolism these days, but many adults still consider them to be a bad choice.

The only body art I've ever had was henna, so I am currently unmarked. My husband, awesome as he is, has never liked the look or permanency of tattoos, so because I kiiiiiiiiinda like him a lot *coughunderstatementcough* I have not had a tattoo out of respect for that. And despite the question in this post's title, I don't plan on getting one. We both have our personal choices, yet since he has to look at me every day, I'm fine with keeping my body free of ink for his sake ; )  However, I very much enjoy many tattoos I've seen.

So what do you think? Are tattoos a good idea? Can there be meaningful tattoos? Is it better to get a tattoo that can be covered up? Let me know!

In the process of getting a henna tattoo, drawn by my talented sister

Weaving words along with everyone else as part of Write Alm's August Prompt-a-Day.