Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Heavenly shimmers of light, planet and star
Explosions of life trickling down from afar
Neither so bright as your heart, by my sight
Loving, knowing what you are

Orange moon rising, mist formed and rimmed
Mingling of water and midnight sun dimmed
Hand in hand walk, river and flame
Crickets, tree whispers, night breeze the summer hymn

Eyes ever changing from grey, green, blue
Staring at the night, sky-ocean in your view
Sparks of remote fire wreathed in cloud
Star's singing breath drawing me to you



the habit of being said...

beautiful. and i love your sketch — i find lots of those in my notebook but nowhere near as lovely as yours :)

Lyssa said...

I'm sure you have beautiful sketches! Thanks for popping over to check out my poetry and art : )