Friday, October 31, 2014

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Dear _____, I Miss You. Here's a Letter, Finally!

Dear _______,

My letter to you is under a pile of guitar paraphernalia on my cluttered desk, halfway finished, along with several others that are not completed yet either. It's not because I don't care about you, but I know that you understand that already. That's why we make such good companions, right? Because no matter how long we go between actually hearing from each other, let alone seeing each other face to face, you still care about me and will be excited to see me or get a letter whenever it happens.

Life is so incredibly filled with good things here, and my calendar is constantly filled weeks in advance now. I even schedule in down time now, which I call my "breathing room", you'll be happy to hear! Sometimes you just need a break. But all the events going on are exciting, truly they are, with friends and family and students and musicians, outdoors and indoors, in town and out, many adventures everywhere. So even though I might feel busy, busy, busy, it's my own doing, and I wouldn't change it! You're quite busy too, I imagine.

I do miss you. Sometimes, in the midst of having fun doing what I love, it would be nice to have you at my side enjoying it too. Or even when I'm having a great time, occasionally I'll pause, savoring the moment like you told me I should, and soak it all in, then mentally write it down and send it to you in an invisible letter. Day-dream letters, I call them. Have you received any yet?

Right now the lunch dishes are still on the table, I'm shivering because the temperature has fallen to below fifty degrees and I need a sweater, errands still need to be run, and I think Harmony is creating a water scene with the bathroom sink. Sigh. At least she's happy and learning to play independently, right? I just finished my emails for the day (they take forever sometimes!), and finished an editing job that I volunteered to do. A friend and her toddler came over this morning to play. We're going over to my folks' tonight for dinner, and then trick-or-treating.

If you were here right now, I'd wait until Harmony went down for her nap, then I'd make us some hot tea, and we could sit in the den in front of the two huge windows that look out into the yard and just drink in all the gorgeous autumn colors that decorate the trees right now. It's like a constantly changing painting, with all the red-orange-yellow-brown-purple beauty to be seen and the sunlight scattering pale gold across the grass. The wind has brought the cold that will welcome November with a proper chill. I love it.

I'll be handing out Christmas music to my guitar students this next week. I don't like to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, but you know how it goes... the musicians have to learn all their music before the season, so that when December hits (or for my house, the day after Thanksgiving), they can pull out the carols all ready to perform. I enjoy the enthusiasm of my students as they learn to play these well-loved tunes, so fortunately there's no "bah humbug" about it.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it will be here before you know it! November will be filled with music rehearsals, writing my novel during NaNoWriMo, and enjoying the last of the warm weather before real cold sets in, so the weeks will fly fast. I doubt I'll be able to send you this unfinished letter sitting on my desk before then, but let me tell you now, even though you already know it, that I am so very grateful for you, my friend, and you bring light to my life through the memories we share and the lessons you have helped me learn.

Much love,