Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Weekending: Autumn Enjoyment


My sister is gorgeous.
She dyed her hair recently,
and I think it's beautiful.
She rarely lets me take pictures
of her. So this first 
up above is a treat.

Carousel rides, 
mornings and afternoons 
outdoors in the glory of autumn,
cozy sweaters to wear
at the park at dusk,
bonfire with laughter
and games on a chilly night,
guitars on the porch,
creating fall crafts
to decorate our home,
music master classes
taught by a master teacher,
enjoying St. Louis and nature
with beloved family and friends.



Abigail ~ said...

that third picture. so neat.
and guitars on the front porch. so much fun. we do that sometimes on country summer nights.
beautifully written. your sister is pretty with her hair. you are both lovely and have the delicate features I've always wished i had.

Lyssa said...

I love taking autumn pictures! The colors are so amazing.

Thanks for coming by, and for the sweet compliments. I'm of the opinion that my sister is quite the prettiest!

Abigail ~ said...

you're welcome.
i'm here often and try to keep up, but i've been busy lately so i get behind.
i understand how you feel...i always think that my sisters are prettiest too.
thank you for the invitation and nice words through my blog. i do love MO and am there sort of often, though more in the west. it has been ages since i've been to St. Louis, i can barely remember it.
best of luck in the awesome world of bluegrass :D

Unknown said...

I love the colors of the fall leaves and trees and the kids playing in the park. Thank you for the reminders that this is such a wonderful time of year. So glad you linked up with us at the #shinebloghop. ~Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

Lyssa said...

Thanks for coming by, Heather! I enjoyed participating in the blog hop this week!