Monday, October 06, 2014

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Weekending: Family Reunion, Road Trippin'

Early, early morning,
driving through the dawn
across the states.
Beautiful autumn
transforming the trees
as we head northeast.
Family! Hello!
Good to see you,
nice to meet you,
family reunion style,
the first for me
with my husband's folks.
Harmony waltzes off to play
with her third (or is it fourth?) cousins.
I win a huge jar of Skittles
with my guess of 1,150.
Origami fun with happy chatter.
Sleet speaks of colder weather coming;
we stay indoors, drinking coffee
and eating potluck treats.

A blur of meals on the road,
sister-in-law's lovely new home,
brunch together,
outdoor play for the Bug,
indoor games for the car,
reading Dr. Seuss aloud for the dozenth time,
yet another rest area
where she runs wild stretching
her legs and lungs.

I drive for hours straight
on the magical powers
of caffeine and techno.
The deer blink
at me, eyes glowing
on the sides of the road.
I am not tired
when we reach home after dark.
We curl up together
in our warm bed.