Monday, October 13, 2014

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Weekending: 10,000 People is the Largest Crowd

Chris goes to a retreat
with other men from our church.
Harmony and I
stay cozy at the house
as I fight off a cold,
but at night the lonely-blues
start playing.
My sister's cat
keeps me company
while I eat a late snack
then fall asleep
reading "Walden's Pond".

Woke up feeling much better, thankfully!
Harmony plays with grandma
while I zombie myself up with flashmobs,
dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller".
Our biggest crowd
is in a huge arena
in front of 10,000 people.
To use a quote from sweet Carly, "oh my butterfly,
it was AMAZING!"
The thrill of dancing
on a catwalk with strobe lights,
stage smoke, cameras,
and thousands of screaming, cheering fans
is incredible.

Drag myself home very late
to scrub scrub scrub
my zombified face off in the shower
and eat toast
because I'm too tired to make any real food.

We cave and turn
our heat on.
Made it to October 12th!

Harmony attends
her first birthday party
for a young friend turning three.
Balloons, sugar, the excitement
of ecstatic youngsters,
owl stickers in the goody bag,
and her day is made.

Now on to preparing the house
for out-of-town guests arriving today.
Life never stops!

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Photo of the flashmob taken by "Aunt" Gen K.



Speegg said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend:)

Lyssa said...

Hi Harry : ) You are awesome for arranging the flashmobs.