Wednesday, October 01, 2014

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Sometimes I Dream

A huge mansion, as so many of my dreams begin. Overcast skies. A group of younger folk. We begin a tour as a guitar ensemble. The guitars are light as we carry our cases down long corridors out to a red bus. Are we in London? I recognize my friend Tyler. There is a blond-haired girl that often appears when I have a dream about music.

It is raining. We enter concert halls several times. I do not remember our performances, but we are clearly doing well. Cheerful chatter. Back into the mansion. Or maybe it's another mansion. Friendly welcome to our rooms by firelight and candle light A goodbye hug that fades away as I wake.


With my family in a house with many windows, right on the edge of a beach. Bad people are looking for us. The house keeps us safe. We can see a huge, futuristic city in the distance. Last week I traveled to that city in a sky-taxi, a small metal oblong-shaped car that flew through the air along with many others, kind of like a ski lift. I wonder if the city is still as crowded now as it was then.

My sister and I try to play in the ocean, but the water, controlled somehow by our enemies, attempts to sweep us down the steep beach. I am stronger than the water; I pull us both away to safety. We return to the house.

Why is there a talking duck in the house? Quite puzzling. We make plans to escape, hoping that the enemy will not notice. The duck nonchalantly wanders through the rooms. I think it is a friend. I am excited to leave the house, but I don't get a chance to see what happens next.


I am observing a story. These dreams are always super interesting. I settle in for a good time.

The companion Clara from "Doctor Who" is a freshman at a private school. A future incarnation of the Doctor discovers that an unknown enemy is going to try to kill Clara there, because then *spoilers!* she won't be able to help save the Doctor in her grown-up future. The Doctor takes a job at the school as a science professor to find out who the enemy is and protect Clara. {I promise I dreamed this before the most recent episode of this season came out, which is weird.}

But she had already discovered two aliens, a huge giant posing as an over-sized teenage boy, and a young girl who was in "egg" form (looked like a human, was mute, and a little weird). Clara was trying to protect them from an unknown enemy by hiding them at the school. Clara received memories and directions from the boy that would help her when she grew up. The little girl, when she "hatched", turned into a being of Light, showering Clara with a protective energy that would keep her safe from any alien technology until the time when she would meet the Doctor in the future.

Clara also deals with a group of older school girls who were trying to haze her, making friends with a young freshman boy who helped her, and in return helping him deal with other bullies. Awesome.


Searching through a mansion for a clue to $30,000 worth of treasure that was supposedly hidden somewhere. A small boy, possibly a neighbor I used to know named Thane, is with me, helping look in tiny tunnels and crawling into places adults couldn't reach. In a costume room we find a vent under a rack covered by old clothes, just small enough to keep people from seeing it, but we get in. It leads to a kitchen, lit up as we enter with eerie fluorescent lights, but obviously deserted long ago.

The main clue to the treasure will be found here, we realized. So we invite more of our friends to help us search the room. I am drawn to a metal drawer, open it, and find a piece of paper with writing. What does it say? Arg arg arg I always wake up before I can find out the interesting parts...


In my old friend Lindsay's house, at twilight. Why do so many of my dreams happen at twilight? Is it because it's my favorite time of day? Fading sunlight streams in the windows. The floor is cool under my feet. Lindsay makes a brief appearance, walking down a hallway, then is gone.

I ask my mom if I can go hang out with my friend Shaye. She agrees. I seem to be young and old at the same time. In the mirror, I look like I am a young teen, but I know that I must be at least mid-twenties because my mom says that she will babysit my daughter for me. Shaye comes to the house and offers to drive my car so we can go somewhere.

Our trip is crazy, all over the road. We almost crash several times, and other cars swerve out of the way. I can tell by her driving that she is upset about something. We stop at a mist-covered park, get out, and sit in a tree. "What's wrong?" I ask. She hesitates, then tells me, "All I want to do is help people! I want to be a nurse." We talk for a long time, but I don't remember anything else. 

Our drive back to the house is much more calm. I enjoy the night breeze in my hair, as the roof to the car has disappeared. I am happy that Shaye is feeling better. My mom asks what took us so long. I don't know what to say. Instead, I feed the cats. 


Another one of the houses popular in my dreams: it has walls, doors, and windows, but no roof, and rambles everywhere in a huge sort of way, almost like a maze. Nature grows in it and out of it. I am content here.

I wander into a room where I am told that there is a meeting to attend. After a long walk through tree-filled corridors, I find what appears to be a huge shower room. Why are we having a meeting in the shower? Someone tells me that everyone has their best ideas in the shower, so where better to have a brain-storming session? Oh. I guess that makes sense. Are we supposed to take off our clothes? I never get an answer to that, so I leave mine on. 

The water is warm. It is almost like a sauna. Water drips from steaming green leaves and from showerheads in the walls. People sit in pairs talking quietly together. I talk with someone I don't recognize. Our conversation feels intelligent, but I don't remember what we said. 

Suddenly I realize that I am alone in a regular shower. Pushing the black and white checked curtain aside, I wonder where everyone went. A person enters the bathroom and hands me a red towel {there's the color red again}, saying that "it" is coming, and I need to figure out what to do. Then they disappear. 

Uh-oh. I don't like dreams where "it" appears. Usually that means I'm going to be chased by something scary. I cautiously peek out of the bathroom to discover that I'm back in one of the mansions now. No way! I don't want to be here. 

I open a wall, willing forcefully to be back in my nature-maze-house, and it obligingly appears in front of me. Thankfully I walk through into a grass-covered room. The air smells more fresh and lovely already.


These are my dreams from the past week. I usually remember my dreams almost every night, and they are almost always quite vivid. Ever since I was nine or ten years old, I have been practicing dream control, recall, and lucid dreaming. I often write down my dreams, too. It is a fascinating realm that will never get old!

Weaving words along with everyone else with Write Alm's September prompts even though this entry is a little late.