Saturday, October 11, 2014

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Giveaway: KIND Soaps!

As a celebration of writing three hundred posts here on this blog, I'm giving away one of my favorite local products: two bars of hand-made soap from the St. Louis-based company, KIND! They strive to be kind to the earth, your body, and others with their products.

I had a generous gift card to their shop near my neighborhood, so I thought I'd share the goodness with you : )  Harmony held the soaps in her hands all the way home and kept saying, "Mama, smell this! Sooo nice to smell! I like it!"

To enter for these amazing soaps, just leave me a comment below. I'll close comments and choose a random winner by Friday, October 17th, who will receive a sweet-scented package in the mail!



Dot said...

It's been a while since I've seen your blog posts but am so glad you are still at it! You have such an inquisitive mind with a joyful, generous and positive spirit. You are the kind that bring hope into this fallen world.
I miss seeing you at OOC.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. We miss you in Boise. Still.

Lyssa said...

You are so sweet, Dot! I've missed seeing you too at church. Come back to visit sometime, please!

@thegreatfish, you won the toss-up for the soaps. Coming your way! I miss seeing you in Idaho too : )