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43 Things, or Maybe Just 26

There's a website called 43 Things where you can list life goals. I recently remembered that I had created a profile there, so I dug it back up. These goals were created five and a half years ago in 2007! I was still in college, still trying to figure stuff out. Let's see how I did:

1. Never, EVER grow up.
     Well, I don't feel like a "grown-up". I know less, question more, and seek wisdom increasingly every year, but still just feel like myself. Does that count?

2. Juggle four items.
     Not yet. The concept is easy, but doing it is hard! 
     This goal has changed over the years to "Successfully juggle clubs". 

3. Publish a book of poetry.
     Not yet. Poetry writing has taken a back-seat for the past year.
     This goal has changed over the years to "Publish a book".

4. Play classical guitar on tour.
     Done! I performed with a guitar ensemble in Germany several years ago.

5. Have lots of children.
     Working on it! Now what is my definition of "lots"...?

6. Travel to Vienna.
     This goal is no longer a dream. I had hoped to study abroad in Vienna during my final two years of college, but it didn't happen. Touring in Germany was way better!

7. Play electric guitar on stage with a band... just once.
     Maybe someday if the opportunity arises. But this goal is no longer a dream. I started playing mandolin instead of electric guitar like I thought I would. The mandolin is AWESOME!

8. See my sister's art at a professional art show.
     Not yet. She changed her college major, so art may not be her career after all. I still think she's an incredible artist though!

9. Get married.

10. Read a book by Dostoyevsky.
     Working on it! Chris and I started reading "The Brothers Karamazov" out loud together two years ago. The book was super tough, then I became pregnant, so we stopped. Some day we plan on continuing.

11. Visit my friend Peter at his (future) ranch.
     Not yet! This is a goal based on Peter's future; he could build a ranch in twenty years, or thirty years, or never. We'll see! He's a great guy no matter what he decides to do, but he would fit so well on the ranch that he's always dreamed of establishing.

12. Have one of my students get into a top ensemble.
     Done! I have six students currently in the ensemble.

13. Watch Boy Meets World.
     Done! I think I watched three seasons several years ago. Now a new series is in the works called "Girl Meets World", about Cory and Topanga's daughter

14. Visit the Redwoods.
     Not yet! Still a dream!

15. Meet the L.A. Guitar Quartet.
      Done! I've heard them perform multiple times, and had master classes with three of the four. 

16. Eat at a five-star restaurant.
     Not yet! Definitely a dream!

17. Sing solo in a public place.
     Done! I led the music at a vacation Bible school several years ago and sang in front of a freaking ton of kids and adults. Way more nerve-wracking than playing guitar or mandolin!

18. Go to Ireland.
     Not yet! Chris and I would love to go there someday.

19. Have a guitar studio.
     Done! I currently share a studio space with several other teachers, but I have my own little room where I teach students. 

20. Write more hand-written letters.
     Definitely working on it!

And here are the goals that I had put on the list and completed in the school year 2007-2008:

1. Practice Yoga.
     I took two Yoga classes in college which were great. I find it peaceful and energizing at the same time, and I think it's pretty awesome, despite it being called an "unchristian" activity.

2. Adopt two cats.
     My roommate at the time and I adopted two adorable kittens. After keeping them for several years as I had different roommates, I finally had to give them back to my original roommate who had gotten married, because I realized that I was having major asthma attacks in reaction to their dander. Sad day.

3. Be a vegetarian.
     Turns out I get very sick, lose a lot of weight, and become completely anemic when I eat vegetarian for any extended time. So vegetarianism is not for me.

4. Kiss in the rain.
     Yep : )

5. Visit the East coast.
     Several road trips during college led me to New Jersey and Florida! Quite exciting.

6. Knit a scarf.
     I've knit several scarves since then, and many other things. Knitting is the bomb.

So I'm going to add the unmet goals here to my "about me" page, along with some new goals!



Amy B said...

I have a 43 things account which I completely forgot about! I had to ponder what username and password I would have used at the time...and I am amazed I got it right on the first guess. I created my account March of 2006!! I had 29 uncompleted goals, and going through the list I could only find 1 that I had finished - have babies! ;) Most of my goals are way too vague (trust God more) or way too ambitious (backpack the Himalayas), but there are a few good ones on there. HAHA, what a blast from the past!

Lyssa said...

Was it like opening a time capsule for you too? I loved seeing what my past mind thought up! And who knows, maybe you'll still backpack the Himalayas someday ; )