Friday, February 08, 2013

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Friday Finds

After being taken aback by the snarky, slightly condescending tone of the author who penned "Maybe You Are Ready for Kids, You're Just Not Paying Attention", I was relieved to see that she posted an apology. Because I do believe that just because a woman becomes a mother doesn't mean that she'll be "wiser or more ‘aware’ or more generous – if [they were], there wouldn’t be so many clueless moms swaggering around like they know everything, now would there?”

These lovely art kits created for children are making me drool! What a great idea!

"The Little House in the Big Woods" and the rest of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder are wonderful. Many of my childhood hours were spent pretending to be a "pioneer girl". The book series stated that Laura's older sister, Mary, went blind from complications due to scarlet fever. But now a new medical study is saying that they've found the real reason Mary went blind, and it's not what I thought it was. Quite fascinating.

Wisdom from a seven year old. Oh, what a different world we would inhabit if we had the same simple faith and strong confidence as adult woman as we do when we are young girls just starting out. 

I'm not the only person taking a break from Facebook in 2013. Do you agree that up to a third of Facebook users will give the social media site a rest

An orchestra that brings warring nations together in peace. "The fact we play the "Ode to Joy" and "All men should become brothers" is great. It's beautiful. It's a great idea. It's a great idea, but it will not bring peace. We are not politicians. We cannot do that. We are trying to achieve some kind of small utopia in our little community that can maybe give an example outside."


Anonymous said...

Maybe I take snark to heart but honestly the article actually spoke to me! I'm right at that point of wanting to open myself to children with my husband. And while I don't think becoming a mother makes you any wiser, I do think and am looking forward to "shedding the parts of me that I don’t really need anymore". I have to say thanks Alyssa for posting this. This "Doris" needed to read it!

Hope all is well!

Barb (from Webster)

Lyssa said...

I'm glad that you found a message that spoke to you, Barb! I mostly disliked the condescending tone of the woman who wrote the article, despite some of the things she said being true, such as the need for women to have more empathy. Thank you for coming out and commenting : ) I'm doing well, and hope you are the same!