Monday, February 04, 2013

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Can Boys Dance Too?

Okay, here's my question of the week. Another one that's been mulling in my thoughts for a while. Let's say that your seven year old daughter says, "Mom, I want to take ballet lessons! May I?" Would you say yes? Now what if your seven year old son says, "Mom, I want to take ballet lessons! May I?" Or what if the question was about tap dancing? Or modern? Or Irish dancing?

Would you allow your child to take any kind of dance lessons they wanted? Would your answer change depending on whether it was your son or daughter asking to dance?

Last week we had some lovely people share their thoughts regarding the way children address adults. How about we get some more comments here?

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Christian Hendricks said...

Well, why not? Unless there is the great misfortune of being unable to afford it, I can see no reason why a child, of any sex or gender, should not be allowed to take dance lessons (of any kind).

Lyssa said...

Often I hear parents say, "Oh, my daughter just wants to imitate the characters she sees dancing, like Angelina Ballerina. Dancing for her would be cute for a few years, but I wouldn't want her to pursue dancing as a career or anything."

Or you'll hear the parent talking about boys needing to do sports rather than dance. Or young boys saying, "dance is for GIRLS! I don't want to get teased!"

Traditional values at stake here for parents? Cultural norms being challenged?

Gray Matters said...

Yes, it's ok. My three year old boy wants to take dance because his sister takes dance. He can do a plie on command. Watch Billy Elliot and Center Stage and you'll probably feel ok about putting your boy in dance. :) I happen to be a dancer, so of course I would encourage anyone to dance, but we have faced your question. My father in law says no way. Poo poo to that!
And being a dancer takes INCREDIBLE strength and athleticism.

Lyssa said...

Thanks for commenting, Kelsey! (Yes, I just browsed through your blog.) I like the movie Billy Elliot; never seen Center Stage, though. My husband started dancing tap when he was twelve, and he loves all kinds of dance, so I don't think we'll have a problem if any of our kids want to dance too ; )

I wish all parents were just as willing to promote dance for everyone as you are!

JHitz said...

I have been taking ballroom dancing, specifically the waltz since last August. It is the highlight of my week. I have got some nonsense from people because of it, but for the most part I get positive reinforcement.