Thursday, February 21, 2013

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You: Three Possibilities

In a dream last night, I was told by a voice that everyone is at one of three different stages of themselves. There is the "Goo-You", the "Almost-You", and the "Me-You".

Yes, I'm weird and have weird dreams.


People in the "Goo-You" stage are still figuring out what they enjoy, what they dislike, who they want to be, where they want to go. Their character is fluid, easily influenced. Children are often here. Even adults may still be here, currently in a position in life they don't want to be in or struggling to figure out who they truly are.

People in the "Almost-You" stage are close to who they want to be, but are still dealing with major roadblocks to their personhood. Something might stand in the way of them blossoming. They might need more space, more energy, more determination, a different job, a change in scene, a change in the way they look at themselves, a deeper delving into a spiritual or emotional issue, for the final transformation to occur.

People in the "Me-You" stage are comfortable with themselves. They still have room to grow, and are by no means perfect, but they are content and at peace with who they are. They know where and how they can change, and growth does not worry them.  They are even willing to step out of their comfort zone into newness, because they are so confident that they know positive change will be good for them.

The voice in my dream presented these three ways of Being to me. Then the voice said, "WHICH ARE YOU?"

Which am I?

Something to ponder this morning.