Tuesday, February 05, 2013

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Is Etsy for Me?

For a long time, I've considered creating an Etsy shop online. The things holding me back are uncertainty that anyone will purchase my work, uncertainty as to what niche of my creations I should make available, and uncertainty that I will have time to keep up with demand (if there is any?). There are four categories of home-made crafts that I've considered selling on Etsy:

~ Art related to synesthesia. These would be personalized names, verses, quotes, or abstract art. Nothing huge, nothing mind-blowing, just small art pieces that can be put around the house to liven things up a bit. I'm a fan of Kandinsky's artwork which was inspired by his synesthetic responses to sound and color. I mostly draw or use water colors. No painting (I would if I owned paints) or collages yet, though I'd love to do that someday.

~ Knitted items for babies. Small things like baby booties, baby hats, dolls. I can also knit sweaters, but right now those take so much time and effort that the price I'd have to charge probably wouldn't be worth it for potential buyers. I used to be shocked with the prices a crafter would charge for home-made clothes, like socks or sweaters, but once I realized how much time it takes to knit those suckers, I totally agree! It's an arduous process, especially for a rather slow knitter like me.

~ Other knitted items. I can knit washcloths, scarves, cowls, hats, cup cozies, and small bags. And hand-warmers, if need be. They're not super fancy, but that touch of home-made is always nice.

~ Postcards, blank cards, and birthday cards. I really enjoy creating cards that are one-of-a-kind,  using watercolors, colored pencils, pens, photos, words, etc. I can make several similar versions of a card design, but none will look exactly alike.

All in all, everything I create is simple. It looks like it was made at home by someone who isn't an expert, just a girl who loves to create tiny bits of handmade love. I guess you can view that as good or bad. Each item has its own character, with unique design and detail, not looking like it was bought from a store where thousands of others just like it can be found. At least I thoroughly enjoy making all of it, even if I never end up selling anything!

In the side bar of my blog, I put a poll asking which of these items people would be most likely to purchase. Could you help me out and give your opinion? I'm still on the fence about opening up an Etsy shop, and getting some feedback would be awesome! Thank you in advance : )

Edit: Sorry for the typo in the poll! It won't let me change it. Oops.


Gray Matters said...

I have faced the same question and personally decided against Etsy. I crochet things like crazy. My reason is that if demand did pick up, I could not pick up with it because of homeschooling and child rearing. But, that said, your stuff is great. I think people would be most likely to buy the knitted dolls and the artwork like the third one down from the top. That rocks and I could see people asking for several to do a themed kids room.
With my crafts(crocheting and professional cakes) I take orders when I have time to do it. There are busy bursts and long slow periods. I used to have a facebook page for my crafts, but I lost that when I chose to close my personal fb account. :) But it was great to get my stuff out there for people to see.

Lyssa said...

That makes a lot of sense. Child rearing is beginning to take up a ton of my time, and I've only got one so far (whom we are planning on home-schooling), so time constraints are definitely a factor here. Thanks for your comment!