Monday, December 09, 2013

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December Projects Day #9

Prompt for day #9: bright

I was a child.
Dreams floated through me
day and night.
Imagination reigned-
my bicycle was a dragon,
books took me far away,
invisible friends whispered secrets.
Christmas was filled with bright eyes,
gifts beckoning under the tree,
colorful lights gently glowing
strung across my bedroom window.

I am a child.
But my own child is eighteen months.
My husband and I share secrets.
We read together
books that make us laugh, think, discuss.
My dreams are no longer imaginary,
but beautifully real.
We decorate the tree
and hang our daughter's stocking
next to ours, cozy warm
in our tiny apartment.

I will be a child still.
An older child,
with more experience
(and hopefully wisdom)
under my belt, yet still
the same child at heart
as I was yesterday.
May we sing the ancient carols
with new spirits each year,
welcoming the baby in the manger
with Advent and love and joy.

All is Calm, All is Bright

Also, here is my absolute favorite album during the month of December: Bright Day Star!