Sunday, December 22, 2013

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December Projects, Day #22

Prompt for day #22: joyful

There's really nothing better than spending time with your family and beloved church, bowing your heads in worship and singing carols at the top of your lungs outside the church and laughing with the children and hanging hand-made ornaments on the trees in the sanctuary and watching the tableau of Silent Night unfold. I don't know who I liked more: Mary and Joseph, looking down fondly at the real little baby in the manger, or the sheep who kept wiggling their ears and tails, or the angels who tried so enthusiastically to (silently) convey "alleluias to our king", or the two-person camel costume that made an appearance with the wise men and almost brought down the house.

Add to that an afternoon with two of your best friends, discussing the past year and looking ahead to the future over pizza and root beer, then an evening of caroling in the neighborhood, and a lovely party afterwards with hot chocolate and conversation and yummy treats, then a calm bedtime at home, settling down to a quiet apartment with last-minute gifts to finish: I am truly blessed and joyful in this season.

Silent Night Tableau at Church
(picture by Kathy N. since all my photos turned out blurry)